Staff Pick Reads

June 2023

Erin's Picks:

Adult Fiction

A suspenseful fiction guaranteed to have hooked until the end.

Easy Reader

A silly book great for all children who love to laugh.

Adult Fiction

An eye opening book about a womans struggle in an oppressive culture/religion.

Adult Non Fiction

Terri gives her account of how she managed her mental illness, and shows there is hope.

Becky's Picks:

A gripping coming-of-age tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the power of unrelenting hope during WWII.

A classic, this is a 1996 epic fantasy.

An intense SF story that will appeal to fans of C. S. Lewis and Kathy Tyers.

Linda's Picks:

Linda Frenzel, MSLS

Camden Library Director

An uniquely, imaginative tale which highlights the timeless bond between humans and the animal kingdom.

If you are a fan of Jane Austen, this historical novel by Julie Klassen will engage you in its traditional Regency fashion.

A fascinating look into the marriage and domestic sphere of the most famous poet and playwright William Shakespeare.